Richmond Plains owned by Lars and Sam Jensen produced New Zealand’s first certified organic and biodynamic Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.

Our passionate and committed team is driven by the strong belief in truly Working With Nature.  By using organic methods to grow and nurture our vines, without the use of synthetic chemicals, we can naturally express the vineyard’s character in our wine, preserving the natural environment for future generations and providing a healthy choice for consumers.

By working with nature our vines find a natural balance where they compete for their place in the vineyard environment, so they become stronger and more disease resistant thereby producing better and greater flavoured wine.

The Koru design on our label symbolises new beginning, unfolding life and growth. Just as each season brings new life to the vineyard and new wines to make, the flavours of previous wines are gently developing and unfolding as they mature.

108 McShane Road, RD1 Richmond, Nelson 

Telephone: 03 544 7585

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Twitter: @richmondplains 

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Cellar Door:
Daily 10.30am - 4.30pm